Mr Chak-fung Peter Wong,
Chairman of HKHA

60th Anniversary Greetings

Welcome to the Hong Kong Hotels Association (HKHA) 60th Anniversary mini website.

As the HKHA celebrates its 60th Anniversary, we commemorate this milestone by celebrating the remarkable achievements of our association, while simultaneously promoting the history, development, and contributions to the economy since 1961.

HKHA grew from its humble beginnings, with 11 founding member hotels to the current 140 – strong members. Our association has not only grown in numbers. We have continued to evolve and cultivate talents and creativity for the sustainable growth of the hotel industry in terms of service consistency and quality standards.

Our 60-year journey has not all been smooth sailing. As in all journeys, there were challenges, adversities, and complications along the way. We are thankful for all the support and contributions from our member hotels, through the years. With our formed alliance, we have gathered strength and momentum, to cope with the burgeoning demands on the hotel industry.

Now more than ever, we are leveraging on this occasion, to ramp up preparations for tourism recovery and provide a positive impetus to hotel employees while we envisage the current impasse will be overcome, with the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines and travel control measures. As part of HKHA’s 60th Anniversary, we will be hosting an array of events and activities, welcoming and inviting our members’ support and participation. Programmes will commence at the end of January 2021, with the finale taking place before the end of the year.

For details of HKHA’s 60th Anniversary programmes, please refer to the “Events Calendar” on our mini website, for information.

Here is a summary of the highlights:

1) We have selected six past chairmen, each representing a decade of hotel industry development from 1961 to 2020. Each chairman will be presenting a glimpse into their historical pasts.

2) In an effort to draw and attract the younger generation to the tourism sector, our association has engaged the Education Bureau, to host career talks in secondary schools, aimed at inspiring and encouraging pre-Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (DSE) students to take an interest in joining the hospitality sector. This is a key initiative of the HKHA 60th Anniversary.

3) Each of the four HKHA sub-committees will lead its own focus groups, while the working committees will be presenting their scope of work and the skill sets that are essential to success in hotel industry development.

4) There will be a ‘photo gallery’ to showcase archived as well as recent photos, reflecting on the different stages in hotel industry development. We welcome and encourage our members to share some of their special moments.

I would like to convey my heartfelt appreciation to our 1st Vice Chairman, Mr. Luc Bollen, who has taken up the role of Chairman of the HKHA 60th Anniversary Sub-committee. He will be supported by our esteemed Executive Committee members, throughout this special, year-long project.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to strongly encourage our dear members’ participation in the events and activities we have lined up for our HKHA 60th Anniversary. Please remember to browse for information on the latest updates in our anniversary programmes.

Wishing everyone a better and brighter Year of the Ox!

Hong Kong Hotels Association - Chairman

  • 1961-1962

    Mr. C. W. Young
  • 1963

    Mr. T. A. P. Ross
  • 1964

    Mr. John G. Oliver

  • 1965

    Mr. Harry Rindler

  • 1966

    Mr. Rudy Choy

  • 1967

    Mr. T. S. Cheung

  • 1968

    Mr. Rudy Choy

  • 1969

    Mr. John S. Foote

  • 1970

    Mr. Brian J. Bryce

  • 1971

    Mr. Peter Stafford

  • 1972

    Mr. Kenneth Y. V. Wong

  • 1973-1974

    Mr. Johannes Jorgensen

  • 1975

    Mr. Felix M. Bieger

  • 1976

    Mr. Sing Sheng

  • 1977

    Mr. Robert T. Hamel

  • 1978

    Mr. Larry M. K. Tchou

  • 1979

    Mr. Andreas Hofer

  • 1980-82

    Mr. Hans Stettler

  • 1982-84

    Mr. Sing Sheng

  • 1984-88

    Mr. Rudolf Greiner

  • 1988-90

    Mr. James A. Smith

  • 1990

    Mr. Uwe Boeger

  • 1991-92

    Mr. Alain Guernier

  • 1992-94

    Mr. Felix M. Bieger

  • 1994-97

    Mr. Thomas Axmacher

  • 1997-2000

    Mr. Ivan Lee

  • 2000-2009

    Mr. Mark Lettenbichler

  • 2009-2010

    Mr. Felix M. Bieger

  • 2010-2011

    Mr. Ananda Arawwawela

  • 2011-2012

    Mr. Felix M. Bieger

  • 2012-2016

    Mr. Victor Chan

  • 2017-2018

    Mr. Shaun Campbell

  • 2018-2020

    Ms. Rebecca Kwan

  • 2020-2022

    Mr. Chak-fung Peter Wong

Hong Kong Hotels Association - Executive Director

1972 -1975 Mr. Ian McDonald
1975-1979 Mr. W.E. Collard
1979-1997 Mr. Manuel Woo
1997-2017 Mr. James Lu
2017- Mr. Patrick Kwok