Hong Kong Hotels Association

About Us

Mission Statement

Mr Peter C. F. Wong, Chairman of HKHA

The Hong Kong Hotels Association (HKHA) was established in 1961 to protect the lawful interests of hoteliers in Hong Kong and promote greater industry unity and co-operation among its members.

By providing useful information and data to members on related industry matters, it also ensures greater professionalism in the industry.

As the official voice of Hong Kong's hoteliers, the HKHA represents the collective views of the industry on all matters affecting hotel operation. It also performs a consultative role in proposed legislation arising from new Government policies and measures.

One of its key functions of the Association is to offer educational programmes to members through training courses and seminars. Some programmes are designed for more senior industry executives, whereby professors from leading international hotel schools are invited to conduct these programme. Such initiatives have received widespread recognition among members.

Another key objective of the Association is to ensure and uphold consistency in service and quality standards, as well as promote greater internationalism of our industry through the introduction of new technology and management techniques.

Today, the leadership of the HKHA typifies the hotelier - experienced in all aspects of managing a hotel and dedicated to serving the needs of both leisure and business travellers from around the world.